Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Government Warming

Picture those Goriffic glaciers, as massive sections let go and crash into the green-blue water sending up huge plumes of spray. Edited to appear like they’re rushing into the sea, the visuals show slab after azure slab break away - calve, I think they call it - and drop violently into the drink.

It occurred to me that this is a metaphor for our society more than a lesson in global climate change. We are being ripped apart one slab at a time. As Dennis Miller might say, “we’re being sliced and diced like a sheep that just accidentally wandered into Osama Bin Laden’s cave in Tora Bora.” He might say that.

The point is, it’s a thousand cuts...we’re not paying attention to these Socialists, and we should be:

They said they wanted to preserve the land for us. So they took it from us.
We can’t build, sell, hunt on, cut a tree or even pee on that land now.
They said they wanted to end poverty. So they took money from those that had it.
 We still have plenty of poverty. It lives in the ghetto the government created.
They said they wanted to provide affordable health care. They took more money.
 As many as 50% of doctors report they may leave the profession. (CNN)
They wanted to make air travel safe, so they took guns away from passengers.
9-11 would not have happened if there had been armed passengers.
They said they wanted better schools, so they raised taxes and built palaces.
Test results are worse, not better in the US.
They said they wanted to stimulate the economy so they spent $900 billion.
Unemployment rose to about 10 percent.
They said they wanted to stimulate car sales so they created cash for clunkers.
Taxpayers bought the junk. After the event, people stopped buying cars.
They said they wanted to protect our borders from illegals. So they voted to make illegals, legal.

It just goes on and on. Nothing they do works to help us, it always involves taking our money and wasting it, and it usually has a negative result. It just continues to erode our nation - each time Congress acts, it wounds us. It removes some of our fiber and our flesh and it leaves us weaker.

The system is broken. The government is corrupt. The people have had it.

What’s next isn’t pretty.

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