Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Government Warming

Picture those Goriffic glaciers, as massive sections let go and crash into the green-blue water sending up huge plumes of spray. Edited to appear like they’re rushing into the sea, the visuals show slab after azure slab break away - calve, I think they call it - and drop violently into the drink.

It occurred to me that this is a metaphor for our society more than a lesson in global climate change. We are being ripped apart one slab at a time. As Dennis Miller might say, “we’re being sliced and diced like a sheep that just accidentally wandered into Osama Bin Laden’s cave in Tora Bora.” He might say that.

The point is, it’s a thousand cuts...we’re not paying attention to these Socialists, and we should be:

They said they wanted to preserve the land for us. So they took it from us.
We can’t build, sell, hunt on, cut a tree or even pee on that land now.
They said they wanted to end poverty. So they took money from those that had it.
 We still have plenty of poverty. It lives in the ghetto the government created.
They said they wanted to provide affordable health care. They took more money.
 As many as 50% of doctors report they may leave the profession. (CNN)
They wanted to make air travel safe, so they took guns away from passengers.
9-11 would not have happened if there had been armed passengers.
They said they wanted better schools, so they raised taxes and built palaces.
Test results are worse, not better in the US.
They said they wanted to stimulate the economy so they spent $900 billion.
Unemployment rose to about 10 percent.
They said they wanted to stimulate car sales so they created cash for clunkers.
Taxpayers bought the junk. After the event, people stopped buying cars.
They said they wanted to protect our borders from illegals. So they voted to make illegals, legal.

It just goes on and on. Nothing they do works to help us, it always involves taking our money and wasting it, and it usually has a negative result. It just continues to erode our nation - each time Congress acts, it wounds us. It removes some of our fiber and our flesh and it leaves us weaker.

The system is broken. The government is corrupt. The people have had it.

What’s next isn’t pretty.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


“And now, my beauties, something with poison in it, I think. With poison in it, but attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell.” -Wicked Witch of the West, The Wizard of Oz.

Matt Drudge links to a story today about Wikileaks that reveals US concern over homosexuality and pedophilia in Pashtun Afghanistan. Is there any other corruption that Muslims can rationalize? They can kill their own wives and daughters, any non-believers, any defilers, any foreigners, anyone who does just about anything that someone doesn’t like. According to the story in the Washington Examiner (Afghan sex practices concern U.S., British forces), Pashtun men are practicing rampant pedophilia and homosexuality, despite the Moslem prohibition against homosexuality. I mean, who’s surprised that there are no rules. I’ll bet the goats aren’t even safe.

But it is another reason to make me wonder what we are hoping to accomplish in Afghanistan, and how we’re going about it.

A culture that condones, accepts as normal, the sexual assault by men on little boys is not a culture - it’s a hell on earth. Read or see The Kite Runner if you think we need to view Afghan culture through a different lens. I’d recommend the lens of a 12 power Leupold like the one on my Belgian .30-06.

Here’s the topic sentence. Sorry I took so long but the aforementioned helps set the stage.

If we were serious about Afghanistan we would forever poison the poppy fields - carpet bomb, agent orange, dirty nuke, irradi-f’ing-cate them. But we let these buggars keep growing the stuff that they use to poison our kids while they defile their own.

You really want to insist that we view Afghanistan like Afghanis? Then I say we blow them all to hell, because that’s the way tribal people think. Honor/Shame. Offense/Absolute Punishment. Individual Affront/Tribal Debt.

Our president, who may himself have been a “little boy” once according to some reports, has shied away from a meaningful and quick (meaning violent and remorseless) solution to the war. Like most Democrats, he listens too much to diplomats , who have failed by definition (there is a war, after all). This is a time to kill, President Mom Jeans. Killing the poppies kills the Taliban.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Consent of the Governed

What we have witnessed from the Lame Duck congress is nothing either party can be proud of.

The Democrats have not learned their lesson. They are ideologues plowing headlong through their agenda like they’re delivering a kamakaze to the Ship of State. They are hiding legislation that has been defeated inside legislation that is being voted on. They are refusing debate, refusing compromise, refusing the clarion call of the people who said, “This will end.”

And the GOP is no better. I heard Lindsey Graham speak today in opposition to a piece of legislation and he was the weakest, most passionless and ineffective speaker I have probably ever heard. Is he a lawyer? Really?

Mitch McConnell doesn’t impress. We should have stopped everything. We had 40 votes and he didn’t have the guts to tell Scott Brown, “Scott, have you met Marco Rubio? Because he’s going to get a committee and you’re going to get a broom. He’s going to be president and you’re going to lose your re-election bid.”

Here’s the problem. 13% approval means that if the next Congress wilts under the media spotlight, the jig is up. Meaning they have to be Chris Christies, not John McCains.

The people have already withdrawn their consent. That’s what the thirteen percent means. If they do not see results, there will be a revolt. First there will be an economic collapse and soon blood in the streets. And because the military is largely conservative, the military may join the people. The borders will be ignored by our government and foreign invaders will form an insurgency in our own country. The internecine fighting and the insurgency will be too much for the government and it will collapse.

Yeah, I’m out there.

So, what is it I’ve speculated on that has no basis in fact?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Doomed to Repeat

The Obama Administration, or more accurately, The Obama Cartel, has up to now managed a very clever sleight of hand. They have bemoaned the chaos, violence and mayhem south of the border, and used it as a distraction from their own complicity.

Would anyone assert that we, with or without Mexican help, are incapable of routing the Mexican Cartels? We better be, because they’re coming for us with machetes and grenades.

Yet, The Obama Cartel, an organized crime syndicate with its own national flag, has refused - that’s the word - refused to seal our borders and/or prosecute a war against the invaders and terrorists who have no regard for life, limb, property or sovereignty. That makes Obama complicit.

The fact that the Obama Cartel has made it a policy to do nothing, shows why community organizing is not a suitable preparation for executive leadership. Rather, a world history course would have been a better path. Because, had Obama studied history, he would realize that the very words, “Vandals” and “Barbarians,” which we use today to describe remorseless thugs and Union bosses, were vast tribes of people once engaged in precisely the same occupation that today’s Mexican cartels engage. They crossed borders, raided, raped, pillaged and murdered. By 500 AD, the Vandals, Barbarians and their cohorts took over nearly the entire continent of Europe by employing the same methods the Mexican terrorists are using on us today.

Oh, you may have heard of the government the Vandals and Barbarians toppled - it was called the Roman Empire. Like the United States, the Romans were known and feared for their strong military, too. So don’t feel secure - be very afraid.

Sorry to say, but all of this is the good news. The bad news is in the next Chapter of the history book Obama never read. In that chapter, the Vandals and Barbarians are displaced on the lower rung of humanity, around 600 AD, by another group of border raiding nation killers who attack with even more bloodthirstiness - the Muslims.

And today, thanks to his politics and his commitment to doing nothing about the problem, Obama’s Cartel has invited BOTH Muslims and Barbarians to our gates.

History suggests that through his ineptitude, Obama will help accomplish a destruction that will earn him an infamy greater than Emperor Nero’s. I pray it passes over you and your loved ones.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Want Answers

Because I have the post of Creative Director at the agency where I work (yes, that’s what Don Draper does), I lecture occasionally on the Creative Process to local college students. One day I tried something new. I walked in, introduced myself and asked, “Does anybody have a great story or maybe know how to sing a song for us?”

They were appalled. They looked at each other like they had been tricked into participating in some bizarre reality show. After I kept silent for about a minute I had every eye.

“What the hell has happened to you people,” I said. “What have they done to you?”

More looking around.

I waited for the words to sink in, then I continued. “You realize that just 5 maybe 7 years ago if I had walked into your classroom that most of you would have your arms in the air, waving them wildly, asking to be the first one to share something.”

“What the hell happened?”

“Who beat you down, stole your fun, told you it was better for you to sit there and be quiet?” I waited. “I want a name!” They knew I was serious. “I mean it, somebody tell me who did it? I want to know who’s responsible.”

One hand rose.


Meekly she asked, “Our teachers?”

“I don’t know, you tell me,” I challenged.

“I think it was our teachers,” she said, more resolute, more certain this time.

I agreed. And I asked them how they felt about that. Some said, it was okay the way it was, and others - a minority - said it wasn’t right.

But that’s not what this story is about. It’s about the TSA.

And it’s about Obamacare. And it’s about eminent domain, Afghanistan and estate taxes and same sex marriage, and abortion and people picketing funerals, and unions that screw a company into the ground and end up buying it with our money, OUR MONEY, and corrupt governments that get handed dollars by the same lying looters who tell us we should pay more taxes because America has too many unemployed, and it’s about paying farmers not to grow crops and paying the UN to promote a Marxist redistribution called a carbon tax and your damn head should be exploding.

What the hell has happened to you people? Who did this to you?