Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We are Right

Michelle Malkin has written about a revelation regarding the administrations efforts to gain complete political control over our lives and discourse. I urge you to read it.

Confirmed: The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real
By Michelle Malkin • April 14, 2009 12:01 AM

I think there are two important points to take away from this story, beyond the obvious concerns. First, we are not the right wing. We are on the right and yet we are the Nation's Center. We are its heart and soul. We are the middle - not the moderates. The seamy far right may be more inclined to our views than the near left, but such are the vagaries of a free society. We are the top of the wave in the bell curve. We are most everybody. We are Right.

Second, we must tell the country what they get with us, and what they get with the left.

Left becomes fascism-arguably it is here, now. Left becomes Naziism. Some claim the legal Naziism that ushered in the Third Reich is here, now. Left becomes Stalin. Left becomes el Dictador Fidel Castro, Che Guevarra- the murderous and cowardly punk, Hugo 'el Mono' Chavez, and a whole host of mutants and wanna be-s. The Left becomes death and despair, the lost war in Viet Nam. John Murtha. Harry Reid. The left celebrates as some kind of perverse freedom the very real danger of finding oneself suddenly alive in a uterus in modern America. The Left delights in no god, no gun, no criticism, no individual, unless it is their own. It is no accident that the Latin word for left translates as "Sinister. But most of all, the Left lives on lies. Lies that enslave their constituents by masquerading as promises. But they are promises the Left has no intention of ever fulfilling, because it would cost them their power to do so.

The Right has given us emancipation, the Founding Fathers, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, the end of the Soviet Union, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Right to Work, the most prosperous periods of economic growth in the history of humankind. The Right has given us the Civil Right Act, the freedom to drink a glass of wine, victory in Kuwait, Iraq and Afganistan - now, rapidly being squandered.

The lines are crisply drawn today between the dark and dour mob and the lovers of liberty. It is no longer possible to be courteous. The benefit of the doubt is an unsuitable mental state when doubt has been removed. Those on the Left wish to bury us. They told us so when I was just a child. And like Fabius Maximus, who defeated Hannibal by incessant sniping and patient pursuit, they are coming. Like a gaggle of vampires staggering out of the mist, they are coming. They are coming with a hunger for our lives, with a jealousy for our freedoms, with an arrogance born of a hate for our achievements.

Little do they know that the Liberty alive in our hearts can never be stolen from us and can never die.