Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Consent of the Governed

What we have witnessed from the Lame Duck congress is nothing either party can be proud of.

The Democrats have not learned their lesson. They are ideologues plowing headlong through their agenda like they’re delivering a kamakaze to the Ship of State. They are hiding legislation that has been defeated inside legislation that is being voted on. They are refusing debate, refusing compromise, refusing the clarion call of the people who said, “This will end.”

And the GOP is no better. I heard Lindsey Graham speak today in opposition to a piece of legislation and he was the weakest, most passionless and ineffective speaker I have probably ever heard. Is he a lawyer? Really?

Mitch McConnell doesn’t impress. We should have stopped everything. We had 40 votes and he didn’t have the guts to tell Scott Brown, “Scott, have you met Marco Rubio? Because he’s going to get a committee and you’re going to get a broom. He’s going to be president and you’re going to lose your re-election bid.”

Here’s the problem. 13% approval means that if the next Congress wilts under the media spotlight, the jig is up. Meaning they have to be Chris Christies, not John McCains.

The people have already withdrawn their consent. That’s what the thirteen percent means. If they do not see results, there will be a revolt. First there will be an economic collapse and soon blood in the streets. And because the military is largely conservative, the military may join the people. The borders will be ignored by our government and foreign invaders will form an insurgency in our own country. The internecine fighting and the insurgency will be too much for the government and it will collapse.

Yeah, I’m out there.

So, what is it I’ve speculated on that has no basis in fact?

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