Friday, December 17, 2010

Doomed to Repeat

The Obama Administration, or more accurately, The Obama Cartel, has up to now managed a very clever sleight of hand. They have bemoaned the chaos, violence and mayhem south of the border, and used it as a distraction from their own complicity.

Would anyone assert that we, with or without Mexican help, are incapable of routing the Mexican Cartels? We better be, because they’re coming for us with machetes and grenades.

Yet, The Obama Cartel, an organized crime syndicate with its own national flag, has refused - that’s the word - refused to seal our borders and/or prosecute a war against the invaders and terrorists who have no regard for life, limb, property or sovereignty. That makes Obama complicit.

The fact that the Obama Cartel has made it a policy to do nothing, shows why community organizing is not a suitable preparation for executive leadership. Rather, a world history course would have been a better path. Because, had Obama studied history, he would realize that the very words, “Vandals” and “Barbarians,” which we use today to describe remorseless thugs and Union bosses, were vast tribes of people once engaged in precisely the same occupation that today’s Mexican cartels engage. They crossed borders, raided, raped, pillaged and murdered. By 500 AD, the Vandals, Barbarians and their cohorts took over nearly the entire continent of Europe by employing the same methods the Mexican terrorists are using on us today.

Oh, you may have heard of the government the Vandals and Barbarians toppled - it was called the Roman Empire. Like the United States, the Romans were known and feared for their strong military, too. So don’t feel secure - be very afraid.

Sorry to say, but all of this is the good news. The bad news is in the next Chapter of the history book Obama never read. In that chapter, the Vandals and Barbarians are displaced on the lower rung of humanity, around 600 AD, by another group of border raiding nation killers who attack with even more bloodthirstiness - the Muslims.

And today, thanks to his politics and his commitment to doing nothing about the problem, Obama’s Cartel has invited BOTH Muslims and Barbarians to our gates.

History suggests that through his ineptitude, Obama will help accomplish a destruction that will earn him an infamy greater than Emperor Nero’s. I pray it passes over you and your loved ones.


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