Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush Wins

Rush is smart. Smarter than Obama, in fact.

Good lawyers don't ask a witness a question unless they know what answer they'll get. And Rush doesn't make a proclamation claiming he wants Obama to fail, unless he knows Obama has already failed.

You can see it for yourself if you can manage to remove yourself from the midst of the angst you are hearing, seeing, feeling and sensing right now. Is it not true that the level of discontent, the sharpness of the rhetoric, the degree of disgust and the potential for massive push-back has never been stronger in your lifetime?

It's true. This almost 6-week old presidency is on track to be the biggest debacle in American History. Even Carter must realize Obama will make him look like a good president.

As it begins to fall apart, watch for growing discontent among Democrats. There are some who cannot stand what Obama is doing to the country and will turn from their partisan loyalty back into the Blue Dogs they really are. That transformation should begin to be apparent within the week.

It will be a very good sign because if his coalition falls apart within a short time. He will never get it back in time for the next Congressional election. After that, he's history.

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