Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If I were POTUS

Yes, I think about it. What would I do, what would I say? And then, how long would I last in the job!

The Economy
Deregulate, eliminate entire departments and reduce government to those services that have some basis in the constitutional role of government. Reduce Federal aspects of government and help states and individuals to regain their original standing.

Strict Constitutionalists will be appointed, others will be eliminated by any proper means, such as stacking or reducing or redistricting courts.

I would prosecute any legislators responsible for treasonous acts, corruption, security leaks and interference with prosecution of a war.

I would remove the Castros by whatever means possible and I would tell Chavez and Ortega that they're next. I would make Cuba a territory and I would establish a tribunal of Cubans who would try and punish oppressors. I would document all citizens to make certain that we were not adopting idealogues. I would prohibit private sale of Cuban land for a period of time until a proper transition had been made from communism to capitalism and land ownership claims could be established.

United Nations
I would immediately remove our diplomats and our funding. I'd join a better club.

I'd create a new identification that resident aliens would be required to show and that card would only be available in their country of origin by application in person. By a date certain all rsident aliens would show the card or be returned to their country of origin.

I'd build the fence, add razor wire, and give citizen property owners rules of engagement, allowing them to defend their property with deadly force. I would jail anyone who attempted to spirit illegals into the country.

Roe v. Wade
I would pardon those who are incarcerated for exercising their First Amendment rights at abortion clinics. I would do anything possible using Executive Orders to reduce or eliminate abortion clinics. I would use my position to speak against abortion to the entire nation, recognizing that it is necessary to change minds in order to end abortion.

I would pay our military at least as well as our teachers are paid. I would provide them with very high quality housing, the best food and human services. In short, if you are in the military, you and your family will be treated like American royalty.

No more feeding frenzies. You want to ask the president a question, you will be granted an appointment. If your question is impertinent, you will be excused.

Our restraint will be unleashed against radical Islamists. Because radical Islam is not a religion, it will be given no quarter within the US. I will not consider Islam quaint, anymore than I would consider polio curious. I will develop a multitude of remedies and apply them until it no longer threatens us.

Global Warming
As fallacious as unicorns. As Al Gore recommends, there will be no further discussion. I will convene a task force with subpoena power to investigate the aspects of Global Warming advocacy that may have been deliberately fraudulent and there will be penalties.

World Policemen
We will make life miserable for any despot, any dictator, any thug anywhere who seeks to oppress and enslave people. it is the right thing to do. Concurrently, we will be charitable and serving to the people of the world. We will begin to act like we once thought of ourselves, that we were put here as a blessing to the entire world.

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