Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Growing up, I wasn't taught much about the Fascists. I didn't learn, for example that they were named after the Italian word for a bundle of sticks. You may remember the fable about the bundle of sticks that couldn't be broken unless each was separately taken out and snapped. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember that as a reference to Unions. Maybe it's on a Union Seal.

In any case, probably the most important thing I wasn't taught, but should have been, is that fascists are socialists. We really need to come up with new word for socialists in that case, because these people don't want the egalitarian utopia claimed by real socialists. They want a 2-class structure. The ruling class - them - and then everybody else.

That's why it is particularly chilling to hear and see Obama execute his presidency. He holds himself like Il Duce. He is pleased with his own words, like Il Duce. His promises are way over the top like Il Duce. He seeks alliances with the worst and most corrupt people both inside his government and foreign - like Il Duce.

And, he plans to run the government like a fascist. Oppression, repressive taxation, ridicule of contrary views, making pacts with criminals (Guantanamo and his cabinet). Promises that the economy will recover and the trains will run on time. Hollow promises that the government is the solution and the peple merely have to accept the government's largess.

But, like Mussolini, Obama will be unable to deliver on his promises. That's because you can't lead by strength of will alone. Leadership also requires strength of character.

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