Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama's Undoing

Dear Leader has already made the critical mistake that will cost him a second term. It's one he won't be able to talk his way out of because it will develop slowly, and surround him with a wall of facts that he will not be able to climb.

It's a trap that Democrats have fallen into for decades. Inept foreign policy.

Obama has half-committed to Afganistan. That will just result in the slaughter of our military as we have seen under Democrat administrations since Viet Nam. There'll be another weak response, more will die, and then we'll declare victory and retreat. Typical Democrat incompetence when playing Ultimate Diplomacy. Bin Laden will probably not be found. That'll be embarrassing because it'll cause Obama's supporters to remember all the smarmy things he said about Bush. We will most certainly be attacked by an al Qaeda cell or some Islamists, and we'll no doubt counter, if at all, with a feckless response.

The Administration's attempts to make nice with the Islamic world will be interpreted as weak energy. Like Cesar Millan points out, when an aggressive dog senses another's fear, it attacks regardless of the victim's size or breed. It's just in their nature to do so.

Some of the world is swinging back to conservatism, having tired of the squalor and death that socialism trails like snail slime. Those countries have little in common with us now, yet they were once, just recently, formidable allies. Countries like Israel and Canada, for example, see us now as an impediment to their economies and a threat to their security.

Obama's domestic agenda will soon be overwhelmed by International matters - it's inevitable. His decisions have already guaranteed any goals he might have championed will rapidly reach a state of entropy. And our country will be very vulnerable to significant attack. If Obama is as much an amateur as many suspect, there may be as much reason to suspect turmoil from within, as from without.

The question is, is that something we should wish for?

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