Friday, August 20, 2010

The Undoing

Democrats, or more accurately Liberals and Progressives in the Northeast and a few other financially-ailing locales will probably vote the party line this November, and thus vote against their own best interests.

The Democrat party is about to be so marginalized that it will have left only the power the media gives it, which, though substantial, will not be enough to derail GOP plans. In large part, those plans are being driven by fear - the sheer terror that the GOP senses of what might happen to this country if they don’t deliver what the people are demanding.

Any winning Dems are going to be relegated to minority status - a position they can’t handle emotionally. Their districts will not benefit from having towed the party line. I would hope that the GOP would force the Dems in those districts to finally fail - to run out of money, to run out of ideas and to #MajorFail as leaders and politicians.

Earmarks may end. Pork may become a thing of the past. With a little luck, there will be a conveyor line of investigations. Fannie and Freddie, the DOJ and any number of other targets need to be hit and sunk with extreme prejudice. Dammit, the people are saying, someone needs to go to jail for what they’ve done to us. If any of us committed similar offenses, you can bet we’d have been convicted.

And Obamacare must go away. If that doesn’t happen, and happen fast, there’s a very good chance there will be a violent attempt to replace the administration. Why? Because the fire has been lit. Pat Caddell, the pollster, said this week that the numbers he is seeing and the disdain and disrespect they represent show that this government no longer has the consent of the governed. His word to describe the overwhelming numbers was, “pre-revolutionary.”

A number of Americans, many of whom have very good and healthy imaginations, cannot see how the morass of legislation, taxation, regulation and litigation that plagues our society can be taken from our backs without throwing it off. If the GOP fails to release the pressure of this great offense, it may explode.

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