Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obama is the Mosque

One of the reasons that middle America is squarely against the Ground Zero Mosque is because they sense it represents a stealthy step toward a different America than they know or want. America senses that, as an Arab might say, agreeing to this mosque is tantamount to letting the camel’s nose into the tent. It is no coincidence that this hue and cry rises at once with the implosion of the Democratic party. The issues are the same and the American people know it.

Barack Obama is the Mosque and all of America is Ground Zero. Obama has failed to show himself to be as he was labeled; a uniter, a bridge between races, a maker of peace and a solver of problems. For many reasons, he does not belong where he is ensconced. Many Americans believe he has perpetrated a monstrous fraud as he used our good will against our own interests. He has infiltrated himself into our midst by playing on our sense of fairness and ignoring questions about what he is really all about. The media was complicit in hiding the truth, in ignoring a search for the truth about his past, his values, his mentors, his loyalties. The progressives implored us to listen to our hearts and not our heads.

Obama is the Mosque. His purpose is to bring an ideology that reflects injustice, to destroy opportunity, to invoke a failed moral structure, to return to another time and right imagined wrongs. We agreed to let him build his presidency.

He dismissed charges against armed men who brazenly threatened the sanctity of the voting booth with cameras rolling.

He took jobs away from thousands of men and women who were victimized by an accident, then he blamed the accident.

He bribed legislators to ram through the largest tax ever imposed on the American people - against their will - with a program that will surely result in a reduced quality of life for most Americans.

He claimed to want to bring the nation together. Then he prosecuted a sovereign state for trying to maintain its border against criminal trespassers who have been killing, raping, poisoning and robbing innocent Americans, and he threatens to pardon the criminals and leave them in our midst.

All of this because we let him.

Lately, most of us have decided that was a mistake, and if it isn’t too late we will undo it. The Mosque will not be built - it will go away, remembered only as a terrible idea that should never have reached such levels of serious consideration.

In that respect, the Mosque is Obama.

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